It is the process of closing the visible openings due to shedding on the scalp with healthy hair follicles. The procedure performed with healthy hair follicles is permanent for life. It can be applied to people over the age of 30 who are balding or have thinning hair.

Before hair transplantation, active hair loss is expected to decrease. This is important for a healthy evaluation of conditions such as the shape, severity and density of hair loss. Although transplantation may be ideal for people over the age of 30, male pattern hair loss can continue until the age of 40. For this reason, the suitability for the procedure can be decided by considering the old hairline of the person.

Graft removal from the donor area, if the FUE method will be transplanted, the grooving process and the hair transplant take a total of 5-8 hours. Issues such as the width of the area to be transplanted and the number of grafts are decisive on the duration of the procedure.

DHI technique, which means direct hair transplantation and is an innovative planting method, is a method applied with special pens called Choi Implanter. It allows the roots taken from the donor area to be transplanted directly to the balding area without applying an extra channel opening process.

In the DHI technique, the medical devices used to place the hair follicles taken from the donor area into the appropriate spaces are called Choi implanter pens. Choi pens can perform grooving. In this way, no extra grooving process is required. Being in the shape of a pencil provides convenience in terms of use and performs the planting process in a practical way.

It will take at least 10 days for patients to return to their normal routines and physical activities. These routines include people's sleeping positions and hair washing methods. During the process, it is important to wash the hair gently with special methods and pay attention to sleeping positions. The donor area is bandaged for the first 2-3 days after transplantation and requires careful care.
In the first 7 days after the operation, the swelling goes down, and the healing of the incisions and crusts takes about 15 days after the operation.

The most curious subject of people who want to have a hair transplant but are confused about shaving is the unshaven transplant procedure. If there is a significant male pattern hair loss, especially in women, an unshaven procedure may be preferred. Unshaven hair transplantation can be performed practically with the DHI technique. Since grooving is not applied in a large area in DHI hair transplantation technique, it is suitable for unshaven operation.

For an ideal appearance on the scalp, hair follicles are generally used in the hair and beard areas. Another body area that can be used as a donor area is the chest. Chest hair is finer than hair or beard hair. For this reason, it is more suitable for use on the front hairline and the crown of the head.

After the hair transplant process, a shedding cycle begins, which will last 2-3 weeks. The hair strands in the transplanted roots are shed in a natural cycle and after a while, permanent hair begins to grow. This type of spill is called shock spill. Shock shedding is a perfectly normal process and happens to most people. Some people may not experience it at all. Being prepared for the shock spill process is an important issue in this context. The clear results of the operation appear after 12 months.

After sowing, one should not enter the sea or pool for a while, and the planted area should be protected from the sun. It is also important to avoid heavy sports and contact with the planting area.

One of the most important factors that show the success of the transplantation process is the natural hairline. It is equally important to plant the hair follicles in the direction of natural hair growth and to distribute them evenly in the area. Faulty operations made by inexperienced and unprofessional teams can make the planting look bad. In order not to get negative results, it is necessary to take balanced roots from the donor area, pay attention to the angle when opening the canal, and pay attention to the naturalness of the hairline.

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