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Breast Lift

Breast lift surgeries are the process of recovering the sagging skin tissue in the breast. This excess skin or a very small amount of tissue is removed by making special drawings. The drooping nipple and breast tissue are structured to obtain a more upright and fuller breast.


Breast lift, also called mastopexy, allows breasts that have their volume in place but show sagging easily to be brought to the desired shape. The procedure is completed by recovering the loose skin tissue and pulling the nipple to the ideal position. Fuller and steeper breasts are achieved in this way.
The breast structure, which is deformed for various reasons, tends to sag with the effect of gravity. The sagging situation, which occurs more easily after a certain age, becomes a nightmare for women. A younger and voluminous form is desired in the chest. In such cases, the solution is breast lift operations.


Breast sagging, softness and deformation are among the most sensitive issues of women. Breast tissue, which does not contain muscle in its structure and consists entirely of sebaceous and milk glands, loses its old, lively and upright appearance over time due to gravity, aging, frequent weight gain, childbirth, breastfeeding, use of wrong bras. The breast empties or the skin becomes excessively sagging, and aesthetically, it allows women to seek various solutions.
Breasts may gradually sag due to the effect of gravity and age, as the skin loses its elasticity. Frequent weight gain, birth, breastfeeding and excessive breast size cause sagging to occur at earlier ages. In this case, a breast lift operation is required.


In breast lift surgery, many factors such as the desired breast size, shape, firmness, position of the nipple area and skin elasticity are taken into consideration by Promed Clinic specialists.
In all breast lift surgeries, there is a scar around the nipple. In some people, a vertical scar is used between the nipple and the inframammary fold, and in some people, a horizontal scar along the inframammary crease is used along with this vertical scar. Breast lift surgery takes about 2 hours.


In the process after the operation, it is necessary to be very careful and stay away from things that will tire the person. People should rest and give their body time to recover as recommended by the doctor. In the postoperative period, the person should lie on his back for 4 weeks. It is important to avoid lying face down during this process. In breast lift surgeries, scars remain at the incision sites for a while, but within 1-3 months, the scars begin to lighten and become invisible.
Smoking and alcohol use should be limited or discontinued for a while before and after the operation. Drugs with blood thinning effects should not be used. A sports bra should be used for about 1 month in order to help the breast structure take the desired shape and recover. There is no harm in using painkillers after the operation.


Gynecomastia and breast cancer symptoms are similar. For example, in both cases, firmness, tenderness and discharge can be seen on the nipple. Therefore, physician control and treatment is essential.

Gynecomastia, which causes pain, sensitivity or psychological problems, is removed by surgery. The breast tissue is removed by a surgical procedure. The operation is completed smoothly by making small incisions. In these operations, if there is excess fat tissue along with the breast tissue, liposuction is also included.

Male breast enlargement seen in infancy and childhood resolves spontaneously. 85-90% of breast enlargements seen in adolescent boys can be overcome without treatment. The continuation of these cases in adulthood or male breast enlargement that begins in adulthood makes surgery necessary.

It is most common in men in adolescence or old age. Because its causes vary, it can be seen at different ages, including infancy.

It is generally a hormonal health problem. It is caused by an increase in the hormone estrogen. It can be seen for many different reasons. For example, some drugs used, harmful habits such as alcohol and substance use can cause gynecomastia. It can be triggered by certain diseases that lower testosterone levels.

Gynecomastia does not go away with sports. The growing breast tissue can only be destroyed by surgery. Male breast enlargements, which are seen with the deposition of adipose tissues in the breast area, can be dissolved with sports. Because this indicates false gynecomastia.

The softness of the growing breast tissue in men may be a complaint of fake gynecomastia. Pseudo gynecomastia can be seen if no firmness is observed in the nipple area, if weight is gained or lost, or if the muscles have melted due to the person's sports history.

Breast enlargement seen in men may be due to adipose tissues or breast tissues. In growths caused by gynecomastia, stiffness, swelling, tenderness and pain are felt in the lower part of the nipple. There may be discharge from the nipple.

Growths seen in people who gain weight due to fat storage are soft and may melt. Growths originating from fatty tissues are not gynecomastia.

It means more breast growth than it should be in men. It can be seen unilaterally or can occur in both breasts. Breast tissue growing for hormonal reasons can cause visual anxiety and panic in men.

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