Mesotherapy is an aesthetic medical procedure used in the treatment of skin renewal, anti-aging, regional slimming, cellulite, cracks, spots, scars, hair treatment, acute and chronic pain, sports injuries, hair and various skin diseases.

Mesotherapy treatment provides the elimination of the problem by focusing and treating the main source of problems such as hair loss. It is a treatment method that can be applied by both women and men.

Hair Mesotherapy Technic

Hair mesotherapy is the process of directly injecting the vitamins, minerals, some keratolytic agents, amino acids and surface expanders needed by the hair naturally into the scalp. It is an effective method that provides treatment of hair problems such as pelade, excessive hair loss, and baldness.

How Is Hair Mesotherapy Technic Applied?

Superficial injections applied to the scalp stimulate the natural self-renewal and reproduction processes of the hair. With a small amount of solution placed in the middle layer of the scalp, these processes are stimulated and the hair is renewed and proliferated.

The technic of the hair mesotherapy process for hair loss is completely personalized. A single session of hair mesotherapy takes about 10 to 35 minutes depending on the size of the area to be applied.

Medicines such as finasteride, which are approved for use in hair treatments in the scalp, vitamins and various plant extracts are used in hair loss.

There is a treatment outcome process that varies from person to person. One of the factors affecting the process is the severity of hair loss. Although results can be obtained within the first two or three months, the final result can be obtained after six months of treatment.

Thanks to micro injection, the dermis layer, which is the functional layer of the skin, is stimulated and the minerals, oligelement, vitamins and regulators required by the hair follicle are given to the tissue.

Sıtuatıons requestıng haır mesotherapy?

It is a method that provides hair regeneration without the use of surgical methods. It also provides hair growth and reduction of dandruff.
Hair loss is generally caused by nutritional deficiencies, hormone deficiency around the hair follicles, low blood circulation on the scalp, and loss of DHT in men. Hair mesotherapy is a form of treatment aimed at correcting these problems. Some minerals and vitamins accelerate the metabolism of the hair cell, increase the blood circulation of the scalp and eliminate the infections of the scalp.

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