Chin Filling

Chin filling is the process of bringing the chin to the desired appearance by injecting the filling contents specially prepared for the person into the chin.


Filler injections are a cosmetic surgery method that is generally used to fill skin wrinkles or pits in the face area. It is also applied to eliminate volume deficiencies on the face by plumping the lines. When injected under the skin, the filler injection raises this area by plumping it up. The effect of filler injection usually disappears within a certain period of time, depending on the characteristics of the product used.
The jawbone structure, which is increased by the injection of filling materials, can create a 'V' shaped face shape. With this method, the ratio of the chin is adjusted to the face shape and the general aesthetics of the face can be increased. Chin filling is applied to people who have deformities in the jaw structure other than the standard appearance or who need aesthetic improvements.


The chin filling process is usually applied in a single session. However, if a correction is needed during the control examination by the physician, an additional injection may be required. The filling process is usually a short-term process, completed in a maximum of 15 minutes. If local anesthesia is to be applied, the applied cream is expected to numb the area before starting the filling. This takes approximately 30 minutes. Although slight redness may occur after the procedure, these disappear within a few hours.
It is possible to return to daily life immediately after the chin filling procedure. Although the permanence of the injected filler varies depending on the filler material, fillers containing hyaluronic acid usually have a permanence of 1-2 years. Structural defects in the jaw can be completely corrected with the correct application of chin filling performed by Promed Clinic specialists.


● With a simple and painless procedure, chin filling allows many deformities in the chin to be corrected in a single session.
● The fact that it is a non-surgical method is the biggest advantage that distinguishes the procedure from other surgical applications.
● It does not require hospitalization, anesthesia, surgical intervention and recovery period.
● Since it is a short procedure, it does not require long periods of time, it is possible to return to daily life after the procedure.
● It provides a younger face appearance by defining the chin line.
● It allows the creation of a chin appearance that will be compatible with the face shape.
● It enables the creation of the ideal chin shape in a single session for people with chin-tipped back.
The probability of developing complications after the procedure is very low.


Jaw filling can be applied to all individuals with a jaw disorder that can be corrected with filling. Before deciding on this procedure, the facial appearance should be evaluated from every angle and photographed. Structural defects should be determined by examining the photographs obtained and comparing them with each other, and then the areas to be injected should be determined if the filling is decided.
The filler usually contains hyaluronic acid. All filling materials to be used for the filling process must be products approved by the Ministry of Health. Although anesthesia is not usually required in chin fillings, creams that provide local anesthesia can be used in some cases, especially if the person wishes. After the anesthesia procedure, the filler is injected under the skin with the help of small needles.

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