Before the transplanted eyebrows grow out permanently, a shock shedding phase is entered. Shock shedding, which starts within 15 days after sowing, continues for about 6 weeks. The natural appearance of the transplanted eyebrows begins to emerge within 3 months. Full results are achieved within 1 year.

Hair follicles taken from the scalp are used in eyebrow transplantation, which is preferred by people who have sparse eyebrows and are looking for a permanent solution to this condition. These roots continue to grow for a while, just like the scalp, until they get used to their new place. For this reason, they may need to be trimmed and brought to the ideal eyebrow size when they become too long.

As in other planting processes, the things to be considered in this process are similar. You should not enter the sea, pool and solarium for 2 weeks after the procedure. During this process, it is equally important to protect the planting area from the sun.

The donor area is the nape area, as in other transplantation procedures. The beard and chest areas of people who do not have suitable or sufficient hair follicles in the nape area can be used. The donor area hair has strong roots that are not prone to shedding, and there is usually no permanent hair loss in this area. The permanence of these strong roots planted in the eyebrow area lasts a lifetime.

Those who do not know which technique to choose for a natural and bushy eyebrow look can be stuck between microblading and transplantation. But these two processes are very different from each other.

In the microblading technique, skin-compatible dyes are used to fill the sparse eyebrow structure. A permanent make-up application is made by drawing thin hairs on the area with the help of dyes. This process disappears after a while and the sparse eyebrow appearance reappears. In addition, naturalness in microblading is less than in planting.

In the eyebrow transplantation technique, the sparse eyebrow structure is filled by transplanting the hair follicles taken from the donor area to the eyebrow area. Since real hair roots are used, it is a permanent procedure and a natural eyebrow appearance can only be achieved in this way.

The eyebrow area is sensitive for 2-3 days after transplantation. In the ongoing process, crusting and healing of the wound appearance are completed in a period of 10 days. At the same time, the grafts transplanted 10 days after the procedure adhere well.

In eyebrow transplantation procedures, the shape of the eyebrows is decided by the doctor and the patient's joint opinion. A drawing is made in accordance with the eyebrow shape determined by the patient and a final decision is reached. After the decided image, the necessary hair follicles are calculated and the process begins.

Eyebrow transplant operations are performed in a single day and in a single session.

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