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Zirconium Crown

Zirconium dental crown, with its all-white color and resistance to heat, is the ideal dental treatment for patients who are allergic to metal. Zirconium is optically transparent and allows light to flow through instead of blocking it, which results in a more natural and aesthetic look.

Properties of Zirconium Crown 

For the longest time, the usage and application of metal was vast in the field of dentistry and dental aesthetics. However, metal based products are harmful to the gums to a certain degree and they’re never enough to provide the desired aesthetic look. Zirconium crowns have solved all of these problems permanently by bringing about a new age in teeth and gum health and aesthetics. Reducing the usage of metal inside the mouth, instead preferring the all-white zirconium alloy which provides a 100% natural look, will improve your look immensely- especially on the frontal teeth where the importance of appearance is huge. They aren’t even noticed during smiling or talking because of how naturally white they look.

Zirconium crowns are heat resistant, transparent, all-white and quite an ideal treatment for patients who are allergic to metal. Your teeth will no longer be sensitive to heat or cold in this treatment. Discoloring from smoking, coffee or other substances is brought to a minimum with the zirconium crowns. They will not cause a loss or change in taste, and they will not induce breath odor.

Additionally, being highly transmissive to light means no dark coloring on the gums that occurs when metal crowns are used. With metal crowns, it is inevitable that your gums near your teeth will take on blackish or purplish color, the reason being the material used in the crowns and their low transparency. Zirconium will never cause an opaque or blackish look in your mouth. Zirconium crowns which are used to fix a lot of aesthetic and appearance issues, are also incredibly vital for teeth health. With its perfect blend with the gum and the teeth, the risk of infection or disease is much lower with the zirconium crown than its alternatives. 

Why Prefer Zirconium Crown?

  • One of the main reasons to prefer this treatment is its perfect match with the inner mouth tissue. The longevity that dental treatments and aesthetics seek, is possible with zirconium.

  • Zirconium is highly durable against physical impact and it is almost impossible to break. Numerous durability tests as well as patient experience prove the quality of zirconium.

  • Because it is not metal based, it doesn’t reflect light as metals do. Therefore, it doesn’t cause an opaque or blackish appearance in the mouth.

  • It is highly resilient to heat changes. Cold and hot temperature affects the teeth much less with zirconium than other types of crowns. That means the patient is not restricted in their food and drink choices.

  • It is absolutely allergy-free. In fact, many patients with metal allergy are immediately recommended this treatment.

Applying Zirconium Crowns 

The first step before applying the crowns is to reduce the size of your teeth. Once your gums have regained their healthy look we take some measures. We choose the best suited type of zirconium for you in the lab, based on the color texture of your teeth. Then the zirconium crowns are formed to fit your teeth using special adhesives. Final result is no different than any teeth without crowns.

What are the Advantages of Zirconium Crown? 

  • It provides a completely natural look with its light-transmissive property.

  • Metal, which is the classical choice of material in the crowns, causes an opaque look on the teeth. Zirconium prevents that and the appearance is quite lively.

  • It prevents plaque from forming on your teeth thanks to its smooth and glistening surface.

  • Discoloring from substances such as coffee, cigarettes or tea is not observed in the zirconium crown method.


As a continuation of the treatment applied by dentists, home whitening sessions can take place with the apparatus provided by your dentist. It is a situation determined according to the system applied and your doctor will inform you about it.
However, some teeth whitening methods applied by the person himself, without the advice of a doctor, damage the tooth enamel. For this reason, you should not apply the methods that your doctor does not recommend at home.

Sensitivity may occur within 24 hours after the whitening process applied to the teeth. However, it is important to know whether there is sensitivity in your teeth before the whitening process.
You should be careful not to consume hot and cold foods for a while after the procedure. However, it is not a very painful and serious sensitivity. After a while, this sensitivity disappears on its own. In some cases, it can be prevented by using a desensitizing gel.

Depending on the repetitive yellowing, the procedure can be performed again after a certain time. But it is not recommended to do it too often. For this reason, it is recommended to stay away from beverages and substances that will accelerate yellowing, such as tea, coffee, cigarettes, after the bleaching process. If dental care is done well, the results of the whitening process will last for several years.

With the bleaching process, yellowing caused by food and environmental factors until that day is eliminated. After the procedure, you will have healthier-looking, whiter teeth. However, depending on factors such as food, drinks, tartar formation, age, yellowing may occur again over time.

Whitening is not applied to people who have gingival problems and have problems with the root of the tooth. People who have severe tooth sensitivity, have excessive cavities or are pregnant cannot be whitened. This procedure can be done easily over the age of 18, it should not be applied under the age of 15.

When teeth yellowing is seen, whitening can be applied from the age of 18. After this age, there is no harm in performing the procedure because the dental structures of the people are settled. It is possible to get rid of the loss of self-confidence caused by tooth color changes with a single operation.

There are many causes of yellowing teeth. Sometimes the natural color of our teeth that we have genetically may not be white, and sometimes the foods we consume can color the surface of the teeth and cause them to turn yellow. Reasons such as not brushing the teeth correctly and regularly, smoking, consumption of tea, coffee, sugary food, and excessive consumption of antibiotics and similar drugs affect tooth color negatively.

It is applied by specialist dentists, in a clinical setting and using special medical apparatus. The safest method for whitening teeth is clinical applications. Tooth tone is opened in the form of gels applied to the surface of the teeth and laser beam application on the gel. In addition to clinical treatment, there may be sessions that need to be continued at home. It is important to inform and advise your doctor on this matter.

The color tone differences of the teeth, the coloration set on the teeth by the food, can be seen even in the teeth that are constantly brushed and cared for. In such cases, problems may be felt in social life. The person may not want to laugh and talk, may not want to enter social environments. People who do not have a veneer on their teeth can have both healthy and white teeth with the teeth whitening method performed in a clinical setting.

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