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Organic Peeling

Organic peeling processes are the peeling and care method used to solve the problems on the skin surface. It is a kind of skin purification technique applied to control fine lines, acne scars, blemishes and color tone differences on the skin.

One of the basic steps applied in skin rejuvenation with its powerful nourishing and purifying ingredients is peeling applications. Organic peeling types that provide care for different skin types include radiance peeling, blemish peeling and acne peeling. Peeling types to be preferred are also determined according to age.


Sparkle peeling, which is one of the newest organic peeling applications of the last period, is a skin renewal application with antioxidant content that gives vitality to the skin. This application, which structures the skin with its rich content, is made by Promed Clinic experts. The glow peeling process, which creates a youthful effect on the skin, makes the skin healthy by deep peeling.

As you age, it is undesirable for the skin surface to thicken due to dead skin accumulation. With the radiant peeling application, the skin layer is peeled to a healthy extent and these dead layers are deeply purified. The process, the glow peeling process, which makes the skin feel youthful by thinning the skin, must be applied by skin specialists.


The radiant peeling mask creates an anti-aging effect thanks to the arginine and lactic acid it contains. Arginine, a nutritious amino acid, ensures that the toxic structure that settles on the skin is removed from the surface. Since it is an important protein building block for the human body, it also provides visible regeneration effects on the skin. Increases skin elasticity and tension.

Lactic acid, which allows the skin to be purified from dead cells, is the other active ingredient in the glow peeling. Lactic acid, also known as milk acid, refreshes the skin and gives it a glow. At the same time, skin tone inequalities are eliminated with this content. Those who have the glow peeling feel the glow that settles on their skin immediately after the application.


Stains may occur on the surface of the skin due to sun and environmental pollution. The point to be noted here is; It is the removal of stains before they become established. Spots on the skin surface are easily removed with effective peeling processes before they become established.

Organic blemish peeling mask purifies the skin from blemishes and dark spots. Kojic acid is an active skin lightening ingredient. Kojic acid affects the melanocyte cells and controls the melanin pigments there. Thus, the skin tone is evened and blemishes are removed. In the content of blemish peeling, apart from kojic acid, there is vitamin C that nourishes the skin tissue and natural glycolic acid with its purifying effect.


Acne peeling is an organic peeling mask that cleans the acne-prone facial tissue in young skin with a deep and restorative effect. Acne peeling mask prevents the activation of inflamed comedones in the skin through the acids it contains, prevents the formation of acne and cleans the skin surface deeply.

Acne peeling mask has a skin purifying feature with its salicylic acid and azelaic acid content. The active ingredient of salcilic acid controls the sebum secretion produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin and purifies the skin from excess sebum. Thanks to azelaic acid, the presence of bacteria that can cause inflammation is reduced and the pores are cleaned.


- It is a medical procedure and is applied practically according to surgical operations. Pain does not cause a feeling of ache.
- Daily life can be resumed immediately after the procedure. Clinical rest is not required.
- It is a short-term process.
- PDO threads compatible with the skin are used, it is safe. It does not harm the skin tissues.
- The ropes used have flexibility. For this reason, it does not affect mimics and allows you to make mimics comfortably.
- The effects are immediately visible.
- The recovery time of effects such as edema and swelling is very short.

A plaster is applied to the nose that is lifted by the procedure for a period of 4-5 days. In this way, the new form of the nose is preserved. The patch does not cause difficulties in daily life, it is removed after 4-5 days. There is no need to rest after the procedure. Edema and bruises are very low.

Since the procedure is non-surgical, it does not cause any complications other than the possibility of slight edema and bruising. There are no scars or stitches. Immediately after the procedure, the person can return to his daily life. The mild edema and bruises that occur disappear within a minimum of 1 week or 2 weeks. Make-up applications can be made during this process, but it should be applied gently. The face should not be rubbed, massaged and lying face down should be avoided.

Markings are made on the designated areas of people with sagging faces. Marked operation areas are numbed with local anesthesia. Then, special threads compatible with the skin are placed under the skin from the numbed areas with the help of thin needles, and the procedure is completed.

During the nose rope suspension, a thin needle is inserted through the cartilage of the nose tip and the ropes are placed and fixed upwards.

Lifting operations with rope suspension can be applied to people who have sagging and low on the face at an early age. Contrary to popular belief, it does not have to be done at an advanced age. For this reason, it can be done from the age of 30. The method, which is also used in older ages, is more preferred at early ages because it is a non-surgical and practical procedure.

Although it is a procedure that does not cause much damage to the face and heals quickly, its effects become evident within 2 weeks. It may take 2-3 months to feel the full effects; In this process, collagen activation occurs and tissues are renewed.

The other name of the non-surgical face lift is PDO Lifting. PDO threads, which are used for medical purposes and melt over time, are used for the process. It is also known as collagen rope hanger. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles by increasing collagen production in the area where it is placed on the skin.

It is one of the non-surgical rhinoplasty methods applied to people with low nasal tip and mild nasal curvature. Tension is provided with collagen threads placed in the nasal tissues.

Collagen threads used in the non-surgical stretching process remain in the subcutaneous tissue for 6 months, then gradually dissolve and disappear. But even after the threads are lost, the effects last for 2 years. This is because, from the moment the threads are first placed, regeneration in the subcutaneous tissues, collagen production, and recovery of sagging continue during this period.

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