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Butt Filling

Buttock fat injection; It is a procedure performed to increase and shape your hips by injecting fat from another part of the body.


Butt aesthetics; consists of butt lift, butt straightening or butt lift operations. There are different options for butt aesthetic applications depending on the body shape of the individuals.
● Butt Lift with Stitches:
Although it gives a distinctive appearance to the butt at first, it may lose its effect in a short period of 3 months. For this reason, it is not a preferred method in terms of butt aesthetics.
● Silicone Buttock Replacement Surgery:
It is applied by creating a pocket in both butt halves with a surgical incision made from the area where both butt halves meet. Silicone prostheses, which are harder than breast prostheses, are placed in these pockets. For this reason, sitting and standing up for a short time after the surgery may cause some trouble. Buttock aesthetic surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The operation takes about 2.5 – 3 hours on average. Hygiene is very important after surgery.
● Buttock Shaping with Fat Injection:
It is preferred more often because it is a much more natural method. After about 1-1.5 years, some of the adipose tissue is lost. If there is sufficient fat reserve in the body, it can be reapplied after the procedure. Buttock shaping with fat injection is performed with general anesthesia and the average operation time is 1-2 hours. After the operation, a special corset should be worn for about 2 weeks.
● Buttock Augmentation with Hyaluronic Filler:
It is the process of shaping the butt using filling materials. It is the method in which materials that are not the body's natural tissue but can adapt to the body are injected.


Buttock shaping with fat injection is a method applied to increase and shape the buttock volume by injecting the fat taken from the body of the person into the hip area. In other words, by using regional excess fat tissues, it is possible to both thin and have curved lines.
While performing the butt enlargement surgery with fat injection, the excess fat in the patient's body is first removed through the liposuction method according to the desired butt size, shape, current fat density and soft tissue quality. The extracted fat is injected into the butt without losing its vitality. The operation time lasts between 45 and 90 minutes on average, it is performed under local anesthesia and in a hospital environment. There is no scar after fat injection and butt lift surgery and you can be discharged on the same day.


Buttock augmentation with fat injection is more advantageous than implant placement. First, fat injection to the butt; makes it possible to redraw butt folds and details. Therefore, unlike prostheses that fill only the upper half of the buttock, it is possible to obtain a more natural shape by intervening the entire area. In addition, the fat obtained while shaping areas such as the abdomen, waist and back can be used for butt enlargement and butt shaping. Two effects are achieved at the same time.
There is almost no scar after fat injection in buttock aesthetics. In butt prostheses, a clear incision scar remains. While there will be a foreign body in the body in silicone buttock prostheses, the person's own tissue is used in the application of fat injection to the buttock. The scars are almost invisible and eventually no foreign body is found in your body.


Buttock shaping results are generally satisfied with the fat injection application. However, when the post-operative edema passes, the result begins to appear more clearly. After the butt enlargement and shaping operation with fat injection, people should wear the special underwear and corsets given to them for the first 6 weeks. In addition, you should not sit for the first 4 days after the surgery. From the 5th day of this plastic surgery, people can return to their normal lives. Since no stitches are used in the butt enlargement process with fat injection, there is no scar.


Gynecomastia and breast cancer symptoms are similar. For example, in both cases, firmness, tenderness and discharge can be seen on the nipple. Therefore, physician control and treatment is essential.

Gynecomastia, which causes pain, sensitivity or psychological problems, is removed by surgery. The breast tissue is removed by a surgical procedure. The operation is completed smoothly by making small incisions. In these operations, if there is excess fat tissue along with the breast tissue, liposuction is also included.

Male breast enlargement seen in infancy and childhood resolves spontaneously. 85-90% of breast enlargements seen in adolescent boys can be overcome without treatment. The continuation of these cases in adulthood or male breast enlargement that begins in adulthood makes surgery necessary.

It is most common in men in adolescence or old age. Because its causes vary, it can be seen at different ages, including infancy.

It is generally a hormonal health problem. It is caused by an increase in the hormone estrogen. It can be seen for many different reasons. For example, some drugs used, harmful habits such as alcohol and substance use can cause gynecomastia. It can be triggered by certain diseases that lower testosterone levels.

Gynecomastia does not go away with sports. The growing breast tissue can only be destroyed by surgery. Male breast enlargements, which are seen with the deposition of adipose tissues in the breast area, can be dissolved with sports. Because this indicates false gynecomastia.

The softness of the growing breast tissue in men may be a complaint of fake gynecomastia. Pseudo gynecomastia can be seen if no firmness is observed in the nipple area, if weight is gained or lost, or if the muscles have melted due to the person's sports history.

Breast enlargement seen in men may be due to adipose tissues or breast tissues. In growths caused by gynecomastia, stiffness, swelling, tenderness and pain are felt in the lower part of the nipple. There may be discharge from the nipple.

Growths seen in people who gain weight due to fat storage are soft and may melt. Growths originating from fatty tissues are not gynecomastia.

It means more breast growth than it should be in men. It can be seen unilaterally or can occur in both breasts. Breast tissue growing for hormonal reasons can cause visual anxiety and panic in men.

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