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DHI Hair Transplant

DHI("Direct Hair Implantation") DHI Hair Transplantation is the placement of the hair follicles that are collected individually into the transplantation area with the automatic Choi implanter pens.

In the DHI Hair Transplantation method, hair follicles that are collected carefully and individually are placed into the area with a Choi pen.


The rate of hair follicles holding on to the scalp is much higher. Since the cut area is less, the risk of bleeding is minimized. After the operation that is done in Promed Hair Transplantation Clinic, the scalp is recovering much faster when compared to the other methods of hair transplantation. The person can return to his daily routine in a short amount of time. Thanks to the DHI method, hair transplantation without shaving is possible.


The most important difference of DHI method(direct hair implant) when compared to the FUE method, is that the hair follicles taken from the donor area are performed in one step at a time, with the help of a specially produced CHOI IMPLANTER (CHOI pen), without opening any canals.

The biggest difference of the DHI method when compared to other hair transplantation methods, Implanter-Choi needle is designed as the shape of a normal hair follicle canal with a very thin, cylindrical, and sharp tip in shape. Hair follicles are placed in the needle by moving along this canal. DHI method is also called the Choi method.


DHI hair transplantation method is suitable for everybody. Because hair transplantation can be done without damaging the hair follicles with curved and thin strands during the transplantation. Implanter pens (CHOI) that are used nowadays have a wideness of 0,64-1,00 mm. Thanks to this technology, the hair transplantation processes are done safely.


Before the hair transplantation is performed with the DHI method, just like in the FUE method, the necessary evaluations on the patient should be done on the patient by the specialist doctor. The right period is determined to be able to perform hair transplantation with the DHI method after the Specialist Doctors of Promed Clinic confirms the operation. On the operation day, the donor area of the patient (usually the nape area) is shaved. Grafts containing single, double, triple, or quadruple hair follicles are collected by micro-motor or manually. The collected follicles are placed in the planting area without waiting. In this stage, the CHOI pen is included in the process and the hair follicles that are collected are transplanted with Choi pen.

The canal is opened with the tip of Choi that is used in the operation and by placing the hair follicles to the canal, the transplantation process is completed.


When compared to other methods, hair transplantation methods include intense hair follicles, the DHI method stands out as a better option. So, a more natural look and more intense look in terms of hair can be achieved. Additionally, with the help of Choi, it is easier in terms of adjusting the symmetry in the front hairline, which is of great importance in hair transplantation, lengthening the hair towards the original direction of growth, and opening the canals where the hair follicles are placed.

All these parameters required for a natural result are very easy thanks to Choi, but the expertise of the team operating is also the determining factor in the quality of the process.


With mesotherapy treatment, which stimulates the roots of the hair, dormant hair follicles can begin to develop and grow. Thus, the hair grows and new hair can be said to grow. However, the hair that has been completely shed due to genetic effects and is no longer growing can only be treated with hair transplantation. This process is applied for faster growth and strengthening after hair transplantation.

People who have this process done to their hair start to wait for the results with curiosity. As it is a nutritional supplement that reaches deep into the cells, the results are difficult to see immediately, but gradually they begin to appear. The effects begin to be seen in the first 4 weeks after the procedure. Net results are seen in an average of 6 months. The effects of the procedure continue to be seen in a period of 12-18 months.

Hair mesotherapy, which is applied at intervals of 1-4 weeks, can be applied for an average of 4 sessions or 6 sessions. In some people, it can be preferred as a single session rarely.

Every cell of the body needs nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids. That's why we feed every day. It is possible to have healthy hair, since the nutritional needs of the scalp are met directly in the mesotherapy procedures applied to the hair. Since the subcutaneous tissues where the application is made are fed, the hair follicles also grow healthier. In this way, hair loss can be prevented.

It can be applied to anyone between the ages of 18-65 who wants their hair to be nourished from the inside from the roots. It is preferred especially if there is intense hair loss and if this situation is not desired to become more serious. Effective results can be seen in every hair type, regardless of male or female.

It is done to feed the roots and the blood reaching the roots in people who have intense hair loss or have weak hair strands. In this way, the hair looks brighter, bushy and lively. In the application after hair transplantation, it accelerates the adhesion of the roots and develops the follicles.

It is applied by injecting vitamins, minerals and growth agents into the scalp. The content given to the cells is highly nutritious. The treatment process is determined according to the person, and the number of sessions is determined in this way. It can be applied in a single session, but it is mostly applied in several sessions. An average of 4-6 sessions of treatment is recommended. Applications are usually made once every 15 days.

Mesotherapy applied to the hair is a process that stimulates the hair follicles and nourishes the skin with vitamins and minerals, allowing the hair to grow. With this process, the blood circulation of the scalp increases, the nutrients reach the roots and the hair follicles grow.

Nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids that hair follicles need are given directly for more lush, dense and lively hair. This is much more effective than vitamins taken with food.

DHI hair transplant results

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