Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain teeth is the aesthetical treatment for teeth that have lost their natural beauty or function due to various circumstances. With porcelain teeth the patient has a beautiful aesthetic smile along with healthy looking teeth.

Porcelain dental crown is a crown treatment for teeth. It is made of porcelain and is covers the teeth surface. This treatment method involves placing porcelain on teeth surface and with it; your effort to hide your smile and your worries for your appearance will dissipate.

Applying Porcelain Crowns

After the examination by Promed Clinic dentists, the teeth are cleaned thoroughly with dental contouring to fit the porcelain crowns. Afterwards your teeth are imprinted on a mold with the dental impression technique. This mold explicitly displays the measures for your teeth so the porcelain crowns are made to fit perfectly without inaccuracy. The mold that is your dental impression is then used to manufacture the crowns and within a few days your crowns are ready to be applied to your contoured teeth with a special adhesive by your Promed Clinic dentist. Applying porcelain crown takes around 3 sessions.

Porcelain Crown Varieties

Crowns with porcelain as their primary material are divided into three categories:

-Porcelain Crowns

-Ceramic Crowns

-Metal Crowns

Treatment options may differ depending on the teeth property and circumstances of the patient.

1) Porcelain Crown for Single Tooth

The crown method used for tooth damaged by physical impact or accident

2) Porcelain Crown for Frontal Teeth

The crown method locally applied to the front side of teeth to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance

3) Complete Porcelain Crown

The crown method that completely covers the whole teeth, front to back. Its durability is amplified by adding glass ceramic on top the base ceramic material.


-Because they are made by a durable material their longevity is high.

-Their low cost and aesthetically pleasing appearance

-Much shorter treatment period than other methods

-A lovely smile. It is a method frequently preferred by patients who has aesthetic concerns.

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