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Regional Thinning

Regional slimming or regional thinning is a set of procedures applied by people who are not overweight but want to get rid of excess fat accumulated in certain parts of their body. Today, regional slimming procedures are performed in a very short time.


In both men and women, fat accumulates in certain parts of the body. This is much more common in women than men. Women usually have excessive fat accumulation in the hip and hip areas. When body fat rates are more than 30 percent in women and more than 25 percent in men, it carries a risk in terms of health. For this reason, a number of solutions are applied using regional slimming methods. The processes of removing these fat tissues accumulated in the body and ensuring that the body gets into shape is called regional slimming or regional thinning.


The procedure is started by adjusting the caps placed on the area where regional thinning will be applied, 2-3 cm away from the body. To what extent the oil layer is selective is monitored on the screen and the application is made accordingly.

No pain or pain is felt during the application. Only in the area where the application is made, a temperature that will not disturb may occur. In this way, the heated fat tissues shrink and disappear. Since there will be heating on the skin surface during the procedure, sagging does not occur in the area after fat reduction. In this way, a healthy thinning takes place. After the procedure, warmth can be felt in the body for 1-2 hours. 


  • Leg and Intra-Leg Tightening 

Micro Plus, which stimulates the circulatory system, can offer the best solution to the fat and cellulite appearance in the legs and inside the legs. With Micro Plus, which increases lymphatic drainage, narrowing of 1 or 3 sizes can be achieved, while the effect of revival, recovery and rejuvenation can be seen on the skin.

  • Breast Tightening

Micro Plus, which creates isometric contractions in the muscles, allows the chest to recover itself. With Micro Plus, which can increase lymphatic drainage, results can be obtained in a short time by breast tightening and recovery.

  • Back Recovery

From time to time, complaints of sagging and lubrication can be seen in the back area. Back laxity, which is frequently seen in people who have lost excessive weight, is resolved with Micro Plus. Micro Plus, which can achieve shrinkage between 1-3 sizes, offers a solution to sagging and looseness by applying 10-12 sessions.

  • Cellulite Treatment

Micro Plus, which provides healing and activation into the cell, helps to re-stimulate the tissues in the area and tighten the skin while eliminating the appearance of cellulite.

  • Butt Lift

It is not necessary to apply only surgical methods in order to achieve a more upright appearance on the butt. Butt lift with the Micro Plus method is an extremely reliable and easy process.

  • Abdominal Recovery

In people who have given birth or lost weight, there is definitely an increase in the abdominal region. It is possible to correct this enlargement by cutting and removing it with a surgical operation. However, considering the risks of anesthesia and the complications of surgery, the Micro Plus method can be used instead of surgery just for tummy tuck.

  • Highlighting the Face Oval

With the advancement of age, the fat tissue under the skin decreases and in the light of various factors, especially gravity, relaxation is observed in the skin. Promising tension on the skin by increasing the amount of collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis, which is the middle layer of the skin, Micro Plus is one of the best device applications for defining the facial oval. Micro Plus, which creates the effect of doing sports for 36 hours with face lifting, provides 8-12 years of rejuvenation. Micro Plus, which can be applied as 10-12 sessions, is one of the best technologies for facial rejuvenation.

  • Neck Rejuvenation

In the neck area, sagging, loosening or lubrication can be seen due to various factors, especially the age factor. With Micro Plus, solutions are offered to all complaints in the neck area. 


G5 Massage is different from other massages in terms of application. In this massage, rapid vibration and pushing compression are used.


- It is a medical procedure and is applied practically according to surgical operations. Pain does not cause a feeling of ache.
- Daily life can be resumed immediately after the procedure. Clinical rest is not required.
- It is a short-term process.
- PDO threads compatible with the skin are used, it is safe. It does not harm the skin tissues.
- The ropes used have flexibility. For this reason, it does not affect mimics and allows you to make mimics comfortably.
- The effects are immediately visible.
- The recovery time of effects such as edema and swelling is very short.

A plaster is applied to the nose that is lifted by the procedure for a period of 4-5 days. In this way, the new form of the nose is preserved. The patch does not cause difficulties in daily life, it is removed after 4-5 days. There is no need to rest after the procedure. Edema and bruises are very low.

Since the procedure is non-surgical, it does not cause any complications other than the possibility of slight edema and bruising. There are no scars or stitches. Immediately after the procedure, the person can return to his daily life. The mild edema and bruises that occur disappear within a minimum of 1 week or 2 weeks. Make-up applications can be made during this process, but it should be applied gently. The face should not be rubbed, massaged and lying face down should be avoided.

Markings are made on the designated areas of people with sagging faces. Marked operation areas are numbed with local anesthesia. Then, special threads compatible with the skin are placed under the skin from the numbed areas with the help of thin needles, and the procedure is completed.

During the nose rope suspension, a thin needle is inserted through the cartilage of the nose tip and the ropes are placed and fixed upwards.

Lifting operations with rope suspension can be applied to people who have sagging and low on the face at an early age. Contrary to popular belief, it does not have to be done at an advanced age. For this reason, it can be done from the age of 30. The method, which is also used in older ages, is more preferred at early ages because it is a non-surgical and practical procedure.

Although it is a procedure that does not cause much damage to the face and heals quickly, its effects become evident within 2 weeks. It may take 2-3 months to feel the full effects; In this process, collagen activation occurs and tissues are renewed.

The other name of the non-surgical face lift is PDO Lifting. PDO threads, which are used for medical purposes and melt over time, are used for the process. It is also known as collagen rope hanger. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles by increasing collagen production in the area where it is placed on the skin.

It is one of the non-surgical rhinoplasty methods applied to people with low nasal tip and mild nasal curvature. Tension is provided with collagen threads placed in the nasal tissues.

Collagen threads used in the non-surgical stretching process remain in the subcutaneous tissue for 6 months, then gradually dissolve and disappear. But even after the threads are lost, the effects last for 2 years. This is because, from the moment the threads are first placed, regeneration in the subcutaneous tissues, collagen production, and recovery of sagging continue during this period.

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