Varice Treatment

Varicose veins are the enlargement and compression of the veins as a result of the veins failing to fulfill their duties. Varicose veins can be the basis of all complaints, from capillaries that can have purple, green or red colors on the skin to wounds on the skin.

Varicose veins, which are seen in men as well as women, are known among the people with the complaints of burning, pain and aching. In the medical field, the diagnosis of varicose veins is made by understanding the expansion of the veins and the accumulation of dirty blood. 



Capillary varicose veins, which are the first steps of vascular enlargement, are generally seen as hair thinner. This type of varicose veins, which can be seen on the skin as purple or red, do not progress by undergoing changes. Commonly found capillary varicose veins are in the group of varicose veins that do not seriously threaten your health. Pain is minimal in capillary varicose veins, which are more disturbing in appearance. 


Medium-sized varicose veins are 2 to 3 mm curved varices that can be seen on the skin. The colors of medium-sized varicose veins are green and purple. Just like in capillary varices, medium-sized varicose veins, which can cause pain and ache, are due to the inability of the valve in the vein to perform its function. Medium-sized varicose veins, which resolve in a short time under varicose vein treatment with foam method, are varicose veins with a low probability of recurrence. Medium-sized varicose veins, where the burning is more common, are generally common under the kneecaps and around the ankles. 

  • LARGE SIZE (Veins) Varicose veins 

It is one of the large-sized varicose veins whose appearance on the skin has reached its maximum. Large varicose varicose veins can sometimes appear in appearance, and sometimes cause severe pain. However, 90 percent of large varicose varicose veins are clearly visible on the skin with swelling and knuckles. Varicose veins larger than 3 mm in length are defined as large varicose veins. 


Medications: Medications given by the doctor according to the degree of varicose are very effective in the treatment of varicose veins.

Compression stockings: Compression stockings, which are specially produced for the treatment of varicose veins, are among the methods used in the treatment of varicose veins.

Sclerotherapy: It is a treatment performed by injecting the sclerosant substance into the varicose vein with the help of a needle. Positive results can be obtained with sclerosant treatment, which is aimed at closure of the vessel. Sclerotherapy, which is expressed as the most effective method in the treatment of capillary and medium-sized varicose veins, is one of the varicose treatment methods recommended by doctors.

Laser: As it is known, laser therapy is used in every field. Laser treatment for varicose veins is one of the most preferred methods because it can give positive results.

Non-surgical endovenous ablation treatments: In non-surgical varicose treatment methods, the varicose vein is not removed from the body by breaking it. The varicose vein is left inside the tissues, but the inner surface of the vein is burned and the vein is closed. In large veins, this process is performed with laser, while in the associated veins or capillaries, it is done with foam sclerotherapy or liquid sclerotherapy, depending on the size of the vein.

Non-surgical varicose veins treatment is performed in a shorter time than varicose veins surgery. In addition, the recovery period after the procedure is shorter. After the treatment, there are no scars other than the needle entry hole in people who have been treated with this method. Therefore, the procedure is actually an aesthetic varicose treatment. In the non-surgical treatment of varicose veins, varicose veins in the tissues are treated with ultrasound guidance. The use of ultrasound during the procedure is almost a necessity.

Varicose veins treatment with foam: Varicose veins treatment has started to be treated with foam. It has become a very common treatment method, especially in recent years. This method is applied to medium-wide varicose veins and capillary varicose veins.

During the foam treatment, a special drug is foamed by the doctor with certain procedures and applied into the varicose vein with the help of very fine needles. This drug creates the effect in the treatment of varicose veins with laser in thin veins by burning the inner surface of the vein. After the vein is burned by the effect of the drug, the circulation in the diseased vein stops and then completely closes. Foam therapy can be applied as a complementary treatment after laser treatment of varicose veins. After the treatment, the person can go to work, home or sports by walking immediately.

Varicose veins treatment with liquid sclerotherapy: It is a treatment method applied especially to capillary varicose veins that are very thin like spider web and visible from the skin surface. In this treatment method, a special drug is administered directly into the vein without foaming. Liquid sclerotherapy gives very successful results in the treatment of very thin red capillaries on the ankles and feet.

Surgical treatment: Surgical treatment is also included in the methods used in dangerous situations such as ulceration and bleeding. Negative effects of varicose veins with surgical interventions can be destroyed.

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