Buttocks Filler

It is a method applied to shape the flat and shapeless buttock appearance without the need to go under the knife. Non-surgical buttock aesthetics, which creates a more attractive appearance and rounded lines, becomes possible with the hip filling process.

Filling methods applied to obtain an aesthetic body structure are the applications preferred by many people today. You can choose Promed Clinic for this procedure, which should be performed by reliable experts.


Butt aesthetics are applied to create fuller and more shaped lines in people who are not satisfied with the appearance of the buttocks. When people with a flat butt structure request non-surgical applications, the method that will provide this is filler injections. In this way, there is no need for difficult and long-lasting surgical procedures, and people's fear of surgery is not triggered.

Filling injection applications are made in two different types. One of these methods is applied by injecting gel fillers compatible with the skin tissue to the determined areas of the buttock. This process is also known as aquafilling. In the other method, the person's own fat cells are taken from other body parts where they have excess and transferred to the butt area. Fat injection cannot be applied to people who do not have excessive fat in their body and have a weak and flat butt structure. The desired image can be obtained by injecting filler material into these people.

In some cases, filler and fat injection procedures can be applied together within the scope of buttock aesthetics.


Butt filling is applied in shaping flat hips, mild deformities and symmetry problems, butt lift process, and repair of sagging hip tissues as a result of weight gain and loss. As long as those who have hip filling are satisfied, they can request the procedure again after the effect of the application wears off. There is no harm in applying more than one filling. Details of the procedure applied by Promed Clinic specialist doctors are conveyed to the people at every stage.


Recently, the number of people who have had aquafilling hip augmentation has increased. Anyone between the ages of 20-65, who wants a more voluminous butt, and all tests have been checked by specialist physicians, can have a filling for a steeper butt structure. People who cannot choose the fat injection method and do not have excessive fat tissues in their body can easily have fuller hips with the help of butt fillers.


The most important advantage of butt filling with filler injection is that it is a non-surgical application. It is an application that puts a smile on the face of people with small hips who are afraid of surgery or want to have a quick recovery process. It is also important that there is no scar after the procedure, in terms of choosing the filling process.

The injected filler is completely compatible with the skin tissue and is more advantageous than buttock prostheses. The filler injection method creates a more aesthetic buttocks appearance. This method is considered one of the most suitable for low-level deformities that need minimal touches. In such cases, butt prostheses may not be needed and practical filling procedures are sufficient.

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