Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile is a dental treatment plan that aims to craft the perfect smile specific to the person.  It achieves this perfect smile through providing healthy and good-looking teeth. In this procedure various dental treatment plans can be used together to create the ideal mouth structure and a beautiful smile.


Hollywood Smile procedure has gained quite an attraction over the last few years. It aims to create the smiles like those of Hollywood stars through dental treatment and dental aesthetics methods specific to the patient. The process itself can depend from patient to patient. Ideal oral structure is determined and a more symmetrical, healthy and aesthetically pleasing smiles are crafted.  

Compared to other dental treatment plans, Hollywood smile procedure provides a much healthier and attractive look. The reason being, it is specifically planned for a specific patient. Their needs are determined more accurately. Their facial and oral structure is taken into consideration more precisely, resulting in an ideal dental and smile design. You won’t want to hide your smile after this procedure, just let it show freely. 


Lots of different dental treatment methods can be used in conjunction when crafting Hollywood smiles. These treatments are determined by the physician according to specific needs of the patient’s oral and dental health. They include procedures such as composite fillings, periodontal surgery, prosthesis, dental plaque cleaning and teeth whitening.

When you first apply for this procedure your condition will need to be examined thoroughly. These examinations of your teeth and gum are done by the expert Promed Clinic physicians. Required dental treatment plans, along with their alternatives are then offered to you and the course is planned.

During the process we will take measurements and make models of your teeth in order to determine the teeth structure and find appropriate dental procedure methods. After the ideal form is determined the Hollywood smile crafting process starts with additional treatment methods to achieve that smile.


It is possible to achieve the ideal smile thanks to the Hollywood Smile procedure. Since it is determined specifically to the person and their teeth and gum structure, the result is always highly satisfactory.

It is ideal for patients who require multiple dental treatment options at the same time. You will achieve a whiter and cleaner smile with this procedure. Also your mouth and jaw shape will be made more symmetrical.

Your teeth’s appearance with the other features of your face, such as your lips or your nose, is also taken into account. This procedure will make you feel like a Hollywood star and you will never want to hide your smile.



The cost of the procedure is determined by the treatment methods to be applied on the teeth and the gums. The physician will decide on the cost according to existing dental problems that needs to be solved with the procedure. Since the procedure depends on the person, the cost also depends on how many treatment methods will be applied. The cost can have small differences from clinic to clinic, however this difference comes from the quality of the service you will receive, the expertise and experience of the dentist who will perform your operation.

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