Jawline Fat Injection

An operation is applied to the jawbone to bring the chin, which is the most important area that gives the face shape, to the appropriate form. Thus, a symmetrical and aesthetic appearance is obtained at the chin tip. While this operation is sometimes used to reduce the appearance of a long chin, sometimes it is the process of enlarging the lower jawbone, which is further back than normal, with prostheses and fat injection method.

Chin operations called mentoplasty or genioplasty can be performed under local or general anesthesia. Different healing processes can be observed in each of these processes, which do not cause any damage to the skin.


It is all of the procedures applied to obtain a more aesthetic appearance by correcting common jaw disorders. Large chin structure, protruding chin appearance, bone behind than it should be, lack of volume, asymmetrical disorders are the reasons for the application of this operation. The procedure, which gives the person a different appearance than they are, can also be applied together with the rhinoplasty operation.

Chin tip aesthetics, which has a great effect on the symmetrical appearance of the face, can be applied by injecting filler with the help of fine needles. However, this method may not always be sufficient, surgical procedure may be required. For this, Promed Clinic expert follow-up and guidance is essential. A careful and detailed analysis is made and the application is decided.


In the mentoplasty application, which is also called chin reduction, the jaw tip rasp is performed by intervening in the bone. An incision is made under the chin or in some cases through the mouth and the chin tip is cut. In this process, which is supported by fat injection, there is no scar after recovery.


In genioplasty, which plays an important role in chin aesthetics, it is aimed to enlarge the jawbone, which has a form behind than normal. In this process, applications such as surgical silicone chin implant placement and fat injection are performed. With the incision made through the mouth, the implant is placed and the operation is completed in an effortless way and the chin contour is adjusted.


Jawline filling, known as jawline, is the filling process made with the help of micro needles along both bone lines extending from the tip of the chin to the front of the ear. In recent years, it has become one of the most preferred methods for improving the appearance of the chin and clarifying the chin contour. It is a painless, painless, easy-to-apply method.

The filling process is mostly applied in a single session. However, the specialist performing the procedure can make an extra injection when he needs any adjustment. For this reason, it is important to perform controls in the post-procedure period. The application time is approximately 15-20 minutes.


The chin filling process can be applied with hyaluronic acid, filler obtained from the person's body fat or stem cell supported fat injection methods. The duration of these processes varies.

When applied to the chin by injecting hyaluronic acid, chin filling has a permanence of 6-12 months, while it can be permanent for 2-3 years in fat injection and 4-5 years in the stem cell supported fat injection method.

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It is effective in correcting common deformities in the chin with a single session application. One of its biggest advantages is that it is a non-surgical method compared to other applications. Therefore, it does not require long recovery processes. After the procedure is applied, the person can go home. An ideal appearance is created with a single session, especially for people with a chin-tip behind.

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