Golden Mask

Gold mask is a special skin mask with micro gold particles used in skin care processes. Gold mask, which has an important place in tightening and moisturizing the skin, is one of the most preferred skin care applications.


Relaxing and beautifying masks, which provide moisturizing of the skin by eliminating skin problems, are indispensable beauty applications. Various masks can also be applied at home, but the most effective mask ingredients are those applied in clinics under the supervision of experts. The contents of these masks are more reliable.

Gold mask applications are also used in clinics. Gold mask with micro gold particles; It is a special mask that moisturizes and brightens the skin and prevents signs of aging on the skin. It is frequently preferred among mask applications and recommended by skin experts.


Gold mask application creates the most popular skin mask choice of recent times. Since it contains gold, which is the closest element to the human body, it provides extra harmony with the skin. It is possible to make the skin brighter and softer with a gold mask.

Moisture balance is very important for a brighter and smoother skin. Gold mask treatment eliminates the feeling of dryness by regulating the moisture balance on the face. It also helps to treat acne and blackheads on the skin surface. It makes the skin glow with health and look young. It has a great effect on preventing or eliminating the formation of wrinkles. For this reason, it is preferred very often.


Gold mask application is a stage in skin care methods. Before the application, the skin is cleaned with cleansing products according to the skin structure. Before the mask, gold serum is applied to the skin surface. In order to increase the effect of the serum on the skin, a gold mask is applied to the skin. The mask is gently placed on the skin and left for a while. Then, the process is completed with LED light applications, each color of which causes different effects.

Red, green and blue colors are used respectively in the LED light applications given to the skin after the gold mask. While the red color affects the collagen production in the skin, the green color provides sterilization by cleaning milia. The blue color applied last has a calming effect. All these processes are completed without feeling pain and pain, and people reach the skin structure they want.


The gold mask, which has been preferred by many people recently, can be applied to people with dryness and aging effects on their skin. Although there is no age limit in mask applications, it is important that people are of age and their skin needs arise. As the skin development continues in underage people, gold mask application is not done.

Gold mask skin application causes a soft skin feeling and anti-aging effects in 15-20 minutes. The frequency of application is determined individually according to the recommendation of the Promed Clinic specialist doctor.

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