VITAMIN BOMB FOR HAIR: MESOTHERAPY Mesotherapy refers to the injection of all the enzymes necessary for the body into the middle layer of the skin....


Mesotherapy refers to the injection of all the enzymes necessary for the body into the middle layer of the skin. So what does it have to do with our hair?

Luminous, vibrant, strong hair is always preferred by everyone. Who would want to have weak, dull, dull hair? Of course, we should think that we are worthy of every beauty, and we should not neglect our hair care for this reason. Let us explain for those of you who are curious about the most effective medical care method for hair to be shiny, strong and bushy; mesotherapy miracle.

The way to see the powerful and magical effect of mesotherapy on the hair is to inject a special nourishing and growing vitamin mixture into the scalp with the help of fine needles. Thus, you can see that the hair is nourished with health from the roots to the ends.

Moreover, mesotherapy is not just a procedure applied to the scalp. Mesotherapy can be applied to our face, hands and suitable areas for rejuvenation, beautification or healing of our skin. This method, which has been used since ancient times, continues to maintain its effect today.



Mesotherapy; It is a very effective medical aesthetic procedure preferred by people who want their skin to be nourished and take vitamins and minerals. Mesotherapy applied by skin specialists is not a classical skin care method. In the mesotherapy process, a nourishing mixture containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and growth agents with hormone effects is injected into the skin with fine needles. Direct nourishment of the skin through these nutrients is the main purpose of mesotherapy. Mesotherapy can be applied to many areas such as face, scalp and body.



We talked about the use of various regions for the mesotherapy process applied for a healthy and pleasant body structure. The skin area where mesotherapy is most preferred can be thought of as the scalp, but it is a nourishing application that can be observed in other body areas as well. Therefore, it can be used for many reasons. It is done by injecting special mixtures directly into the area of ​​the skin problem that needs to be treated. We can list the main application areas as follows:

  • Treatment of sunspots and other spots on the skin

  • Hair loss, scalp problems treatments and baldness treatment

  • Weight loss

  • Cellulite problems and cracks in the skin

  • Elimination of signs of aging on the skin

  • Sagging problems



In hair mesotherapy, a special mixture consisting of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and growth agents with nourishing and enlarging effects is injected directly into the scalp. In the mixture applied to the hair, substances such as coenzyme Q10 and minoxidil, which increase blood circulation in the scalp, are also used. In this way, the hair follicles are revitalized and stronger and non-shedding hair is obtained. In the process after mesotherapy, a significant reduction in hair loss is observed.

The effect of the hair mesotherapy process on the hair follicles occurs by increasing blood circulation in the scalp. In addition, growth agents injected into the skin reach the tissues and stimulate the growth-stopping tissues. Inanimate tissues and hair follicles are repaired and nourished. This is how the effects of mesotherapy on the hair are achieved.



Hair mesotherapy is a procedure often preferred by people who experience hair loss and begin to fear its severity. However, not only those who have hair loss problems, but also those who want their hair to grow thicker and shine with health can prefer mesotherapy. It is generally okay to have hair mesotherapy, which is extremely beneficial and does not have any side effects. Being a woman or a man is also not a determining factor for this procedure.

If you have a genetic and irreversible hair loss, it can be decided whether mesotherapy should be applied or not, by making controls by a specialist. In some cases, mesotherapy may not be applied for this reason. First of all, the specialist must check your scalp. If it is approved, there will be no problem in its implementation.

However, as in every health-related application, there may be exceptional drawbacks in the mesotherapy procedure. For this reason, it is considered undesirable to apply to pregnant women, those who have heart problems and take medication, nursing mothers, those who have blood clotting problems, those who have allergic reactions, cancer patients, and those who have a history of stroke.



If you are dreaming of lively, strong, shiny and lush hair, it may be time to consider mesotherapy. Because any cosmetic care applied at home will definitely not have this effect. Use the care oils and creams you want, the result can always be disappointing or you can see their low-level effects. However, in the mesotherapy process, your hair contains vitamins, minerals and beneficial enzymes. It is fed with the help of needles. For this reason, you should take mesotherapy sessions at certain intervals, and after a while you should see the positive effects on your hair and experience happy feelings.

Hair mesotherapy sessions are applied once a week or as a two-week period, lasting about 10 weeks on average. In this process, the effects should begin to show themselves. Hair mesotherapy, which is a harmless and short procedure, can also be used as a complementary treatment after hair transplantation.

In such cases, it would be healthy to apply hair mesotherapy 5-6 months after the hair transplant procedure. The purpose of application after hair transplantation; to prevent future spills, to support the rapid self-repair of the scalp and to get high efficiency from the transplanted hair.

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