IMPRESS WITH ATTRACTIVE AND BUSY BEARDS Aesthetics and distinctive appearance are not only for women. It is a fact that men also have a say in this...


Aesthetics and distinctive appearance are not only for women. It is a fact that men also have a say in this matter. Especially men, who have come a long way in being well-groomed in recent years, can do anything for their beards and mustaches. As long as they have impressive beards that look more well-groomed. Sparse and shapeless beards are not preferred for this reason, because they are generally considered not to offer a pleasant appearance.

There are various care methods to have more attractive, well-groomed and bushy beards, but in some cases, the beards may not grow or fall out often enough. In such cases, it may be necessary to apply the beard and mustache transplantation method. In order not to come to this stage, you should not neglect your beard care. Whatever you do, if you can't prevent spills and sparseness, it is fortunately very easy to get your bushy beard or shaped mustache practically with DHI technique.


Talking about beard transplantation can be seen as the last step in beard care, because you must first make sure that you apply the appropriate care to your spilled beard. However, if you say "whatever I do, the gaps in my beard area are getting bigger instead of closing", then you should definitely choose the beard transplant method performed by expert hands.

Don't worry, there are no side effects and difficulties in beard transplant. On the contrary, beard transplantation is an effective procedure that is easily applied with the DHI technique and allows you to return to your social life quickly. In addition, with this process, it is possible not only to transplant beard, but also to transplant mustache. It is a process entirely up to you. Moreover, it can be performed painlessly with the DHI technique used. You are not expected to be completely beardless and mustacheless, it can be used at every stage of shedding.


In the DHI technique, which is frequently used in beard and mustache transplantation, enough hair follicles are taken from the donor hair root area, which is considered as the donor area, and easily transplanted into the transplant area. In the DHI technique, a medical instrument called the Choi Implanter pen is used. With this very fine-tipped pen, which resembles a hollow needle, the hair transplant specialist usually takes individual hair follicles from the nape area and transfers them to the spaces that need to be transplanted. Apart from this process, not applying a channel opening process to the cavities to be planted provides practical results. It also keeps pain and bleeding to a minimum. As a result, you will have taken the first step in achieving your magnificent bushy beard.


Hair follicles used in beard and mustache transplantation are usually taken from areas where there is no shedding and permanent hair. The hair follicles, which cling to the planted area with a high efficiency, do not fall out after completing the normal shedding phase and maintain their permanence. The most preferred of these regions is the nape region. Mostly, hair grafts taken from the nape area are applied to the beard, mustache, head, eyelashes and eyebrow areas.

If there is not enough graft in your nape area, then hair follicles taken from the cheek area of ​​the beard or from the chest are transplanted. However, the amount of grafts to be used in your beard and mustache, even eyebrows and eyelashes is very small. For this reason, the nape area can usually be used very comfortably. Except in exceptional cases, there is no need to use another region as a donor site.


If your sparse beards make you ask this question, you should stop and think. If you're asking this question, you probably believe that your beards are reversible. If you are conflicted about whether you are doing the proper care, you can review the simplest information about beard care. If you believe you are doing everything right, there may be many other reasons for your beard loss or beardless areas.

Although we seem to have divided beard care and beard transplantation into two separate categories, you should definitely not neglect the care of the beard you have, even after beard transplantation. For this reason, we have compiled a few simple formulas for gentlemen who are wondering how to care for beard.



The shapes and structures of beards, which are considered men's make-up, deserve careful care. Beards, which are one of the biggest factors in women's being affected by the man they are in front of, are preferred according to face shape and demand.

Deciding on the most suitable beard trends of recent years highlights your handsomeness and attractiveness. Choosing models that don't suit you at all can even waste your maintenance efforts. Don't forget to follow the trends.

Hygiene: What is the beard washed with?

You should know that hygiene is the basis of beard care. Do not forget to clean your beards, which are exposed to environmental pollution, frequently. Instead of washing your beards with ordinary shampoos, you should prefer nourishing and caring multivitamin effective shampoos. Paraben-containing shampoos

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