THROUGH EYELASH TRANSPLANTATION... Eyelashes are the most basic factor for impressive looks. Lush and long eyelashes create attractive looks. It is...


Eyelashes are the most basic factor for impressive looks. Lush and long eyelashes create attractive looks. It is always for this reason to apply care oils to the eyelashes and to take care of the eyelashes the most in make-up.

But sometimes there may be thinning or congenital absence of eyelashes. In such cases, hairs that can be taken from different skin areas can be planted on the eyelids with eyelash transplantation. The process allows you to have new eyelashes in a very short time.

In this article, we will tell you about eyelash transplantation, and we will make small suggestions for your eyelashes to be healthy and not to fall out.



Our eyelashes, which we expect to be natural and attractive, can weaken and fall out for various reasons. These spills can sometimes be normal and sometimes abnormal. However, it is important to distinguish between normal spills and those caused by a problem and to apply eyelash nourishers.

Natural eyelash shedding is just like hair loss, every few weeks, lashes that fill their expiration date fall out and new lashes grow in place of the shed ones. This is a natural cycle.

There can be many reasons for lashes falling out of the natural cycle. Rubbing the bottom of the eyelashes and scratching hard, applying excessive make-up and not cleaning the make-up residues well, using poor quality make-up materials, having eyelid infections and various diseases can cause abnormal eyelash shedding.

One of the reasons for the loss of eyelashes, which is considered abnormal, is the wrong application of eyelash lifting processes by non-experts in places called under the stairs. Although it does not damage your eyelashes when done correctly, it needs to be careful.



The most effective eyelash transplant for natural and lush eyelashes from your own tissues. It is ensured that the hair follicles taken from the donor area in your own body are planted in your eyelash area. The transplantation process is applied gently with a very fine dexterity.

For this procedure, body parts of the head such as the nape, beard and chest are considered as donor areas. The hair follicles in these areas are taken and transferred to the eyelids. It is completed in a very short time and allows you to have eyelashes.



Crusting can be seen on your eyelids within 1-2 days after sowing. It's a normal situation in the process, you don't have to be afraid. Final results and natural eyelash appearance can be expected in 6-8 weeks. Due to the removal of hair from different body parts and planting in the eyelash area, the elongation may be excessive. In this case, the eyelashes can be cut and shortened. The planted eyelashes will take on the character of the region over time. If you want long eyelashes, this can be an advantage for you. You can shape the lashes when they reach the size you want.



Lashes are delicate and aesthetic hairs that require care. With the right care, they can be prevented from spilling and their rapid extension can be achieved. After eyelash transplantation, care becomes much more important. Because planted eyelashes require gentle care after the procedure. For this, you should use methods that will provide careful and gentle care to your eyelashes. There are many methods that you can easily apply at home. Here are the most important of them:

Olive oil:

Pure olive oil is a type of oil that contains acids that are good for the skin. Olive oil, which is highly nutritious, helps your lashes to be gently nourished. This prevents your lashes from falling out. With regular use, you will begin to see the miraculous effects of olive oil that you apply to the tips of your eyelashes with the help of a cotton ball at night.


The most well-known eyelash care is done with vaseline. We can say that it is a very effective material for moisturizing, softening and nourishing your eyelashes. Before going to bed at night, you can apply some Vaseline to your eyelashes with an ear stick.

Green tea:

You know how good each type of tea is for our eyes. Green tea also has a tremendous effect on eyelashes. To make your eyelashes look brighter and lush, you can clean your eyes by separating a little from the green tea you have brewed to drink. With this method, you will clean your make-up residues and excess sebum around your eyes with the help of cotton, while at the same time taking care of your eyelashes.

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