FEEL GOOD WITH PERFECT EYEBROWS Beautiful ladies who do not miss any opportunity to be well-groomed also like to be careful in eyebrow care. When it...


Beautiful ladies who do not miss any opportunity to be well-groomed also like to be careful in eyebrow care. When it comes to hair care, skin care, nail care, eyebrow care is not neglected. The shape of the eyebrows that reveal the beauty of the face and accompany the eyes can sometimes be of vital importance. This is why the effort is made to make the eyebrows thicker, shape them and prevent them from falling out. Don't worry if your efforts fail! Eyebrow transplantation, which is a painless and practical procedure, exists these days.


It is a big problem that the eyebrows, which are shaped according to the trends from time to time, become sparse, decrease and cannot grow. Moreover, this situation can be a problem not only for women, but also for gentlemen. We strongly recommend that you do your eyebrow care with different methods to strengthen and thicken the eyebrows. For those who cannot get results in eyebrow care, we recommend the painless eyebrow transplantation method in a few simple steps.


Although the shape of the eyebrows is very important, it is necessary to evaluate the eyebrows in terms of health. Because the structure of excessively shed eyebrows deteriorates and the existing shape is lost. We should show the same care we show to our hair loss for our eyelashes and eyebrows. Otherwise, we may end up with sparse-looking eyebrows. In order to prevent this, we can ensure that the eyebrows are nourished by using serums and care creams suitable for eyebrow and eyelash care. However, it is one of the most important points here not to use a wrong product and trigger eyebrow shedding. That's why we need to know what we are using. Never force your eyebrow hairs with hearsay information.


Having a wide variety of eyebrow models can cause people to constantly want to change their eyebrow shape. It is normal to choose your favorite among these models. However, when choosing an eyebrow model, you may think that you do not have such bushy eyebrows. In such cases, eyebrows are usually tried to be filled with different methods.
Eyebrow pencil: The fastest and most useless eyebrow filling method known is eyebrow pencils. When you are in a hurry, this process is not a natural method, which helps you to eliminate the bad eyebrow look a little bit. It can only fill the image to some extent, it has no effect on your actual eyebrow structure and needs to be repeated every day.
Microblading: Unfortunately, we cannot draw the same and beautiful eyebrow shape every day, as we are not all artists who are interested in visual arts! For this reason, a more permanent method is usually used instead of the eyebrow pencil that we apply at home. With a process called microblading, eyebrows are dyed more permanently. This application made by the beautician can be considered as a more professional form of the eyebrow pencil method, but the purpose is the same as the eyebrow pencil. In this method, an eyebrow appearance is tried to be obtained with dye pigments. However, it is not possible to talk about a natural eyebrow structure here. In addition, it does not have a lifetime, it starts to disappear in an average of 1 year.
Eyebrow transplantation: The easiest way to structure and increase natural eyebrow hairs is by eyebrow transplantation. The eyebrow transplantation method provides the shape of your eyebrows as you want, drawing the appropriate lines and filling them and using real hair roots. Moreover, this process is assertive in maintaining its permanence for life. You can shape your eyebrows as you want with the eyebrow transplantation process applied using your hair follicles.


Here we come to the highly anticipated topic of how eyebrow transplantation is applied. Eyebrow transplantation, which you often hear about but perhaps you have no idea what it is, is a procedure in which your natural hair bristles are used to fill in your sparse eyebrows. It ensures that hair follicles, which are usually taken from your nape area, but can also be taken from different body parts such as beard, chest, legs in some cases, are planted in the empty areas in your eyebrows. The process is quite simple and is done in a short time as it will be completed with very few hair follicles.
After eyebrow transplantation, you can use your eyebrows in the shape you want with your natural hair structure. The only point to be considered in eyebrow transplantation is that the transplanted eyebrows grow for a while. Until the hair follicles get used to their new place, they can continue to give the reaction they give when they are in the hair area and they grow. Extended eyebrows can be cut and corrected at regular intervals.


If you have chosen to have an eyebrow transplant to realize your natural and flawless eyebrow structure dream, the DHI method comes to your rescue. Experts who know the importance of capturing naturalness in eyebrow transplantation, which requires fine workmanship, use Choi Implanter pencils used in the DHI technique. In this way, while planting is carried out in a practical way, damage to other roots is also prevented.
Fine-tipped Choi pencils are ideal in case the eyebrow area is a small area and other roots may be damaged. There is no need for any channel opening in the eyebrow area before the transplantation process.

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