HEALING POWER OF PRP IN HAIR Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is defined as a certain amount of blood taken from the body, processed and injected into...


Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is defined as a certain amount of blood taken from the body, processed and injected into the skin. PRP is a substance thought to promote healing when injected.
Our skin, which surrounds us from the roots of our hair to our toes, is the largest organ of our body. Our skin, which is the top layer of our skin; It is a shield that protects us from external factors with the help of its unique pores that allow air, its moisture-holding texture, and its elastic structure. In some cases our shield may be damaged; With the help of PRP treatment, it is aimed to eliminate these damages.


If we do not have a known disease in our childhood, all our tissues and organs are healthy. It is very normal not to question this innate health in those years. But getting older starts to become a problem over time. We begin to receive reactions from different parts of our body that we do not know the meaning of. Reactions can come from our internal organs, nerve cells, skin, bone and cartilage tissues. We may need to identify where the reactions are coming from and seek problem-focused treatments. PRP treatment may be the treatment we need!
As we age, our skin, our largest organ, continues to age gradually, just like our other organs, and we begin to see the effects of aging on our skin. These effects are sometimes in the form of fine wrinkles, sometimes sagging, spills, and sometimes different reactions such as hair loss, which is seen as a result of lack of nutrition in the lower skin layers. In this article, we will talk about how PRP treatment can cure these problems.
Our skin is a structure that we should appreciate greatly. It is inevitable that our skin, which protects us from harmful microorganisms that may come from the outside, affects our lives with the synthesis of Vitamin D, can hold water in its tissues by using the nutrients we take from outside, and can produce a certain level of collagen in order to provide the necessary flexibility, over time. For this reason, it is imperative that we take good care of him, just as he takes good care of us.
We can use various maintenance methods for this. Although there are many ways such as care creams, oils, nourishing vitamins on our body or scalp, we may need to pursue more permanent solutions. For this reason, PRP treatment is almost a savior and comes to our rescue. Because PRP is an effective form of treatment that ensures the regeneration of cells in the applied area and helps them grow and repair. Moreover, no unnatural products are used. PRP application is the processing of the platelet-rich part of our own blood and injecting it into the area intended for treatment. It is nutritious and beneficial as well as safe for our body.


While our skin continues to age, the inability to carry enough water and nutrients to its tissues causes deterioration in its structure or damage to the structures associated with the skin tissues. One of these structures is hair follicles. Nutrient deficiencies in the skin and subcutaneous layers affect the hair follicles, causing weaker hair, hair loss and baldness.
The task of carrying nutrients to the hair follicles undoubtedly belongs to the blood. The treatments we apply to our hair roots with our fingertips usually do not penetrate the tissues. It is not possible to prevent hair loss with oil and cream massages, which can only prevent scalp flaking and superficial itching.
We should know the importance of quality blood circulation in order to strengthen the hair strands and roots and to stop the shedding. For all these reasons, it is important to increase the amount of blood carried to the hair follicles and to enrich this blood in terms of platelets.
PRP application is used to increase the circulation of quality, nourishing and enlarging blood in the scalp. With PRP, a vitality effect is provided to the scalp and the tissues in the lower layers of the skin. Because in PRP treatment, some blood is taken from our body and processed and injected into our scalp to enrich the blood there.
In order to prevent hair loss and nourish the roots, this process is performed by injection method directly into the hair follicles. However, PRP treatment is not only used in hair treatments, but also in the treatment of problems in different parts of the body. In such cases, the injection is applied to the area where the treatment is desired.


At this point, you may be asking what blood enrichment means. So let's put it simply:
There are different cells in the structure of the blood circulating in our body. The difference between these cells is their functions. In addition to the solid substances in the blood's structure, the liquid substance called plasma is the largest part of the blood. Plasma contains platelets, nutrient cells, proteins, chemicals with vital factors.
Here, the nourishing and growing plasma part of the blood is separated from other cells to be used in PRP treatment. The resulting plasma structure nutrients and nutritional thrombosis
It is very rich in dogs. This blood, which has a nutritious and rich structure, is injected into the desired area by injection method, thereby enriching the blood structure in these areas.
PRP treatment is applied at intervals of several weeks and in several sessions. The number of sessions of the application may vary according to the problem and the person. It is best to decide this together with your doctor. It is a treatment that you can safely have, provided that you stay away from under the stairs clinics that do not have expertise in the subject.
Certain treatments can be light on many issues. PRP treatment is one of them. You do not hear the name of PRP applications only in hair loss. It is an important treatment applied in cases such as skin treatments, nutrition of hair follicles, wound healing. Moreover, the fact that there is no chemical treatment that will cause side effects explains the fact that it is preferred by most people. It is a completely natural application that creates miracles by taking our own blood, processing it and injecting it back into us. We want you to know that it is often used in wound treatment since it has been shown to be effective even in wound healing with its miraculous effect.
PRP, which has many scientific benefits, can be referred to as the high-level technology of medical science, because it is used as a supportive treatment method in many treatments. It is preferred by physicians, leaving many methods behind in wound treatments. PRP application supports the activation of enzymes and proteins that allow the wound to heal, and accelerates the repair of wounds. The reason why it can do this is that it contains about 30 growth factors that accelerate healing in the platelets.
PRP, which provides vascular formation in the wound area by accelerating the closure of the surface, causes an increase in blood circulation there. As a result of the treatment, the wounds close in a healthy, aesthetic and rapid manner.
As we mentioned in the article, there is no harm in using PRP applications for many health problems. However, while there are different treatment methods, you may want to learn why PRP should be preferred and its benefits. The most important reason for preference is of course the use of natural and our own blood. For this reason, it is a reliable situation in terms of health.
Progression of our age, diabetes and similar diseases seen in some people can slow down wound healing. Chronic wounds that are difficult to heal can be seen in humans or animals. In similar cases, PRP treatment is one of the most effective application methods.
If the source of problems such as skin problems, some health problems, weakness in the subcutaneous layers is poor blood circulation and growth factor deficiencies, PRP application is the best treatment method. PRP applies point-by-point treatments by increasing the oxygen transport to the cells by affecting the blood circulation.

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