THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY HAIR TRANSPLANT METHOD: DHI TECHNIQUE Hair loss can occur for various reasons. While these spills are sometimes in a seasonal...


Hair loss can occur for various reasons. While these spills are sometimes in a seasonal and normal cycle, sometimes they can be alarming. It is possible to classify hair loss by considering many factors such as age, shedding density, gender, genetics.

If your hair loss refers to a male pattern hair loss, hair transplantation procedures are the only solution to your problem. But don't worry; The revolution in hair transplantation has begun! Let's talk a little bit about hair loss before exploring the DHI technique, which is a fast and practical hair transplant method with a low pain level, with this article.


Our hair is perhaps the part of us that we spend the most time taking care of. The bushy and well-groomed our hair, which makes us proud when blown in the wind, the better we feel. We think it can even affect our confident communication with other people. For this reason, it is quite normal to feel panic when we begin to experience hair loss.

However, not all hair loss is cause for concern. In some cases, shedding is normal and there may not be a noticeable decrease in our hair density. For this reason, it is unnecessary to even bring up an issue such as hair transplantation. People who do not notice openings on their scalp do not think of hair transplantation.

When the cavities in the skin begin to open, they reach a level that can be noticed from the outside; That's when the period of researching hair transplantation methods begins. Regardless of being a woman or a man, hair loss can happen to anyone, but it is most likely to occur in men. Hair loss that may require a hair transplant happens so suddenly and quickly that it can make you feel a little afraid. Luckily, having a solution can make you feel good.


When the time comes, our source of self-confidence, our unique hair, they fall from their follicles like fallen leaves. Each hair strand has a life span of 4-6 years. This is how the hair strand that has completed its lifespan falls out and a new strand of hair begins to grow in its place. This shedding process, which is experienced in all our hair strands at different times, is considered normal. For this reason, there is no problem in losing an average of 100-150 hair strands per day.

If hair loss increases in a way that is different from the normal process and reduces the density, it means that the alarm bells are ringing. If we get many strands of hair every time we throw our hands, we can talk about excessive shedding. The causes of excessive shedding can be very different.

The main causes of hair loss to be considered are genetic predisposition, environmental factors, harmful chemicals used, skin diseases, unhealthy diet, hormonal problems, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, drug use, stress and depression.


When you choose to have a hair transplant, it is normal to start researching the advantages of transplanting methods. It would be better not to attempt this process without research. Knowing your expectations and learning what results you can get prevents unexpected situations in the future.

Hair transplantation methods have different advantages. DHI method is the most popular method with its revolutionary direct transplantation feature in hair transplantation. It has many advantages such as rapid recovery, practical application, natural and dense hair appearance.


“What is the DHI method?” We seem to hear you begin to ask. The DHI method, which is a hair transplant method with many advantages, draws attention thanks to its practical application. In this process, channel opening is not applied to the area to be planted, like other planting methods. This is the word meaning of the DHI technique. The DHI procedure, which is performed with the help of a pen called Choi Implanter, takes its name from direct hair transplantation. DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) Choi pen takes the hair follicles one by one from the donor area and quickly places them in the transplant area. Apart from this process, the hair transplant team does not apply a difficult channel opening process to the skin.


Hairless areas are not expected to be large and wide for hair transplantation with the DHI technique. So you don't have to wait to be completely hairless. Hairless areas that open slightly and become prominent can also be easily transplanted with the DHI Choi pen. This is one of the biggest advantages of the application.

Shaving is important in hair transplant procedures. Shaving may not be preferred by everyone for an easier planting. The good news is that; With this revolutionary method, you can have a hair transplant without shaving your long and beautiful hair. Choi Implanter pen, which is used in hair transplantation with DHI method, can easily access empty areas.

brows, eyelashes, mustaches, beards

DHI technique can be used in all hair, beard, mustache, eyebrow and eyelash transplantations. The narrowness of the eyebrow and eyelash areas and therefore the need for fine workmanship can be challenging in planting operations. But in the DHI technique, this is also a question. ceases to be flour. The DHI Choi Implanter pen, which is thin and wide in hair follicles, gives excellent results in narrow areas that require hair transplant with craftsmanship. Since the pen will place individual hair follicles in the desired areas, it is the most suitable technique for this process. Your sparse eyebrows and lashes that are not thick can be repaired in a short time in this way.


Essentially, what we know is, of course, not a pen for writing. Choi Implanter pen is a thin and cylindrical tip device for hair transplantation. The thickness of the hair strand allows it to gently hold the hair root and transfer it to another area. The tip of the Choi pen, which is the most important element of the DHI technique, is very sharp to complete the process by making a light touch to the scalp. This technique is also called DHI pen technique.


You may be wondering about the operation process that you will go through after you decide on hair transplant and a specialist clinic. The process generally works the same for each method, but there are differences in the implementation of the process. The application difference in the DHI method is the Choi Implanter pen used.

As we often mention, Choi pen takes your hair follicles one by one from your donor area, which is decided by the expert, and places them in the appropriate transplant area. It also performs the placement process by opening its own channel, that is, instantly. In other methods, in order to place the hair follicles, the lengthening of the process and the hairless area of ​​the head must be channeled by the hair transplant specialists, while in this method, the specialist uses only the pen.


Although each hair transplant technique varies in application, it basically allows you to regain your hair. However, the most appropriate method should be preferred according to the type, density and other special reasons of your spill.

In the FUE hair transplantation method, the grafts taken one by one are kept by the hair transplantation specialists until the grooving process is performed. The grooving process is applied in the area where the hair is desired to be placed and the grafts that are kept for a while are placed in these areas. In the DHI method, hair transplant specialists take a single hair follicle and quickly place it in the desired area using a tool called Choi pen. In other words, it opens the channel at the same time and places the hair root. For this reason, it is considered practical.

In both methods, the general process of hair transplantation is long. In only one method, the roots are collected one by one and then planted, while in the other method, the roots taken one by one are planted immediately after they are taken and the process is continued. The most important advantage of the DHI method here is that it does not wait for the roots and sows them directly. In this way, roots are planted quickly, but the length of the process is a different phenomenon.

The only reason for the length of the planting process in the DHI technique is that it requires fine workmanship. Achieving natural results depends on the dexterity of the specialist using the Choi Implanter pen, and excellent results are achieved at the end of the procedure.

Thanks to the DHI Choi pen, more frequent applications can be made in the area to be planted, which is an advantage for natural results. In addition, compared to other methods, the healing process is very fast as the cuts and bleeding will be very less in the DHI technique.

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