TECHNIQUE THAT EASY RENEW YOUR TEETH Health is valuable when you can feel it in your whole body as a whole. When your health is disrupted in a...


Health is valuable when you can feel it in your whole body as a whole. When your health is disrupted in a single tissue in your body, it can adversely affect the entire system. Oral and dental health is one of the issues that people often get into trouble with. There are almost no people who have never had any problems with their teeth throughout their life. At the very least, even stained teeth require a solution. Dental veneers are made to correct the health problems seen in the teeth and to beautify the tooth structures.

If you want to have smoother and appropriately colored teeth, veneers are the best alternative for a brand new tooth appearance. You can turn to veneers for whiter, spotless, clean and pearly teeth.
Veneers can be applied purely for aesthetic concerns and are also used in various dental treatments. In case of tooth loss, the aesthetic part of implant or bridge applications that can be seen through the mouth is structured with veneers. A new tooth is obtained by putting a coating on the material applied inside the mouth.

Veneers designed for teeth are applications where you can choose materials according to your wishes. Each coating material has a different advantage according to itself. Your preference can be shaped according to your expectation and complaint.
The most commonly used coating types are as follows:
- Zirconium coating
- Full porcelain veneer (Empress veneer)
- Leaf porcelain (Laminate veneer)

In order for your teeth to take the form you want and look beautiful, the veneer method you apply must be at a level that will meet your expectations. After all, it is not a dental care method that can be applied every day, but a dental aesthetic application. For this reason, it is important that it is perfect and suitable for your teeth and problem.
When choosing veneer methods, the process is started by evaluating the size of your tooth's problem, how many teeth the veneer will be applied, the price, quality and aesthetics of the veneer. Evaluating all these, the most suitable coating method and material is decided.
Some veneer methods are a form of treatment for the problem that may occur in your single tooth. If a coating is needed on all teeth, this can also be provided. So it is completely determined for your problem.
Which material you will choose coating process will also determine your budget. Because some materials have a higher cost, while others may offer a more suitable option.

Porcelain tooth veneer, which is a coating method close to the natural tooth structure, is a specially designed material. With this method you prefer, you will get white, bright and impressive teeth. The biggest advantage of porcelain veneer is that its cost is lower than other veneer types. If you want to achieve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth at a lower cost, the most suitable method for you will be porcelain tooth coating.
Porcelain dental veneers can be applied to a single tooth as well as to all teeth. If you only want to have your front teeth visible from the outside, this is also possible.

When you do not want to hide your smile and turn to coating methods, is price or quality important to you? If the cost is not so important and quality is at the forefront for you, you can choose the zirconium dental veneer method. Being a durable material will allow you to use it safely for many years.
Zirconium coating gives your teeth a much more natural appearance with its light transmittance feature. This coating method, which is produced from a material with the closest color to the tooth color, is preferred because of its naturalness. Not using metal in the zirconium dental veneer method is one of its important features.

Although coatings are a treatment method that is usually produced from solid materials, it can give undesirable results if not well taken care of. There are a few basic situations that you need to pay attention to in order not to damage your coatings. If you pay attention to these, you can continue to use your coatings for many years.
- Do not neglect your dental care: You should not interrupt your daily brushing routine, you should use dental floss and mouthwash. You should not neglect your oral health to protect the teeth under the veneers or the teeth that are not veneered in partial applications.
- You should not break hard foods with your teeth: Breaking shelled or extremely hard foods such as nuts with your front teeth may cause your coating to break. This is something we would never want. So never try to break something hard with your tooth.
- You must find a solution to your clenching problem: If you have an involuntary clenching problem, your veneers may be damaged. In this case, you should use a night plate or turn to applications such as teeth grinding botox.

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