Microblading or eyebrow transplant?

Those who do not know which technique to choose for a natural and bushy eyebrow look can be stuck between microblading and transplantation. But these two processes are very different from each other.

In the microblading technique, skin-compatible dyes are used to fill the sparse eyebrow structure. A permanent make-up application is made by drawing thin hairs on the area with the help of dyes. This process disappears after a while and the sparse eyebrow appearance reappears. In addition, naturalness in microblading is less than in planting.

In the eyebrow transplantation technique, the sparse eyebrow structure is filled by transplanting the hair follicles taken from the donor area to the eyebrow area. Since real hair roots are used, it is a permanent procedure and a natural eyebrow appearance can only be achieved in this way.

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