Hair Transplant Procedure Steps
  1. Preparation

It is the stage where our specialist doctors and assistants work together and prepare the operation area according to the personalized hair transplant procedure

  1. Sterilization and Local Anesthesia

It is the sterilization stage of the areas where the grafts will be taken from donor area to implant to the receiving area. Sedation is applied by our anesthesiologists using personal anesthesia dosages and medical monitoring devices.

  1. Collection of hair follicles

This process is the extracting the grafts one by one from the donor area with the help of a micro motor tool. Collected Grafts will be carefully sterile and divided into single and multiple grafts and stored in a special solution at 4 ° C.

  1. Transplantation of Hair Roots

One of the most important thing in graft transplantation is to start from the area where the hairline is designed and the grafts to be transplanted to the area to be transplanted with the help of  Choi pen. Furthermore, Natural looking hair transplantation results can be obtained. Taken grafts from the donor area will be implanted in the scalp area where receiving area need the grafts.

  1. Medical Dressing and Information

After the operation, the donor areas where the hair follicles are taken will be covered with a bandage. The day after the operation, patients are informed about what to do until they come to dressing.

  1. First Wash after Hair Transplantation

On the second day after the operation, you will come to the clinic for a follow-up visit. After the first wash, Promed specialist doctors and assistants will be in constant contact with you.

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