Washing the hair after hair transplantation is a delicate process. If you do not follow the doctor's instructions, you will inevitably face negative consequences. For this reason, clinics recommend that the first wash after the operation be done in the center.

In the first month after the procedure, the hair follicles have not yet fully settled, and as a result of a wrong behavior, the roots may move and affect the process negatively.

Washing after hair transplantation facilitates the breathing of the roots experiencing crusting and leads to a healthy healing process. It is recommended to do the first wash in the center after the hair transplantation process. The hair washing process is done approximately on the 2nd day.

In the washing process after the hair transplant operation, it is recommended to soften the area with lots of lotion in order to soften the roots that experience crusting. It is ensured that the lotion touches all the roots without pressing too much. The lotion, which touches and softens the roots for 30-40 minutes, is thoroughly poured with warm water. Afterwards, shampoo softened with water is applied and rubbed slowly. Afterwards, the shampoo is thoroughly rinsed with non-pressurized water.

In order to prevent crusting, the same washing process is continued for about 10 days. As time passes, it can be seen that the crusting decreases.

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